Testimonials/Reviews from Zillow and Trulia:

“My family and I met Shelly through a listing she had recently sold. When she found out that I was moving into the area she instantly offered to help and set up a fantastic tour that allowed us to quickly find a place. She took a great deal of stress off our plate. Fast forward more than 1 year, Shelly has been our go to advisor for all things real estate and rental property income. She is honest, trustworthy, immensely knowledgeable, and dependable. She has a wonderful family that we have also come to know through working with her. When you work with Shelly, you are also working with her network. She has a great network of people she trusts for all your real estate needs. We were very fortunate to meet her and recommend her without hesitation.”

~Greg A.

“When my partner and I moved to San Diego for a new job we weren’t that familiar with the area. I contacted Shelly because she was representing a rental we were interested in. Right off the bat I felt very comfortable with her. She was incredibly professional, personable, and knowledgeable. At the time we hadn’t seen a lot places so Shelly offered to take us around to other rentals first but we ended up going with the original one she was representing because it was by far the best choice. She was very helpful and responsive at every step of the process and it was pleasure working with her. I highly recommend her if you are thinking of renting or buying in San Diego.”

~Matt C.

“Shelly is a very professional, knowledgeable, responsive realtor! When I came out to San Diego from Virginia, I knew very little of the area and hadn’t had much response from any other realtors. Shelly offered to help me and was phenomenal! She knew the area, kept me in my budget and showed me 10 plus homes in two days! Once I had picked a home she negotiated the contract and took care of everything. I would highly recommend using Shelly if you are looking for a realtor in the San Diego area!”

~Lori V.

“Shelly is a quite experienced in this field. It only takes less than a month, she helped us find the right tenant for rental. She is also a warm hearted person; if you have any problems, she would love to help you.”


“Shelly is professional, and responsive. Her thorough and extensive research combined with her knowledge of the local market allowed me to quickly find properties I would be interested in. Thanks to her fast action, and leveraging her connections, she was able to expedite much of the paperwork necessary to make an offer at the right time. This enabled me to secure a home in an extremely competitive market, where every day spent waiting and each opportunity missed would cost me thousands. She was able to advise me effectively in writing offers, and negotiating counter offers.”

~Michael Z.

“Shelly helped my roommate and I find an apartment to rent in NYC. We expected it to be difficult because we were relocating from DC, but Shelly’s knowledge of the area and responsiveness helped to make the process an easy one. She listened to all of our requests and only showed us apartments that met our requirements. Even after we moved in, Shelly followed up with the landlord to ensure that any pending items had been fixed. It was great to work with someone so thorough – I’ll definitely recommend her to family and friends moving to the area.”


“Shelly has helped me renting out the apartment right following her great efforts of finding this place and transferring ownership in super high efficiency as well as delicacy. In the process of moving out current tenant, maintaining the apartment interior, and hosting new tenant, she has demonstrating superior communication skills and patience to ensure all counter-parties’ satisfaction and comfort. I’d highly recommend her as a credible agent with full trust on details of execution.”

~Sophia L.

“Shelly worked tirelessly to find the right fit for me. She made sure I felt cared for, comfortable with my choice and with the process. She got me first in line for this apartment which was critical for our success. She was inventive in finding solutions for my reservations and did all she could to make sure they were done. Her love for the work is evident and her attentiveness couldn’t be better. She is a great broker.”

~Toni V.

“Shelly is one of the best agent’s we have had the pleasure of working with. She is responsive, thorough and always has her clients needs and best interests in minds. In a business, which is full of Agents trying to seal a deal to get their commissions locked in, Shelly stands out as someone who is not only super knowledgeable but also committed to really working for her clients and ensuring that they are happy with the home they end up in. Its been a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone who is in the home buying process.”

~Tanya H.

“Xiaosong helped me find a location for my practice. She was incredibly diligent in researching areas for us. She listened to what our needs were and based on that showed us relevant sites. She negotiated an amazing deal for us. She saved us a great deal of time and money. She looks out for her client’s best interest. I highly recommend working with her.”

~Ashia D.

“Xiaosong (Shelly) is very knowledgable and responsible. I am staying in China and not familiar with all the things related to buying apartment, she is patient to explain all details to me and helped me to solve all the difficulties I encountered. I am very satisfied with her performance and all the help to get me buy the apartment in downtown Brookline.You will have the same feeling. ~_~”

~Stella F.