Delivering Results For My Clients

Delivering Results For My Clients

Record-Setting Estate sells in Rancho Santa Fe for $11M

What’s in Store for 2017

What’s in Store for 2017

1. Prices are expected to continue their rise in 2017 but at a slower pace… (up 5.9% Oct. year-over-year, still 4.5% below May ’06 peak). Fueled by: continued job growth, optimistic builders and consumer confidence with the backdrop of foreclosures hitting a 10 year low. Offset by: slowly rising mortgage rates and higher home prices. 2. Less diverging…Read More→

Manhattan Rental Market Update


New York rental market has a strong seasonal pattern, with winter months (November to February) being the low season and summer months (May to August)being the high season.  For investment property owners, summer is when one can command the highest rental rates and leases that begin and ends in this period are the most desirable. …Read More→

Top Golf Courses in San Diego


Farms Golf Course Named as one of the top “50 Clubs with the Best Players” in the United States. The Farms is one of the golf clubs in San Diego that have challenging but fair courses for golfers of all skill levels. Membership:  Membership at The Farms Golf Club San Diego is offered by invitation…Read More→

Common Mortgage Loan Requirements for...

Common Mortgage Loan Requirements for Foreign Nationals

With US interest rates at historical lows, many international buyers are taking advantage of foreign national mortgage lending programs that some US lenders are offering. Required standard documentation may include the following*: 1.  Completed loan application 2.  Letter from CPA or attorney from foreign country explaining the last two years of income of the borrower or two…Read More→

U.S. Home Sellers in March 2016 Reali...


According to the homes sales report just released by RealtyTrac®, U.S. home sellers, in March, enjoyed a 17% average gain in price from what they purchased for. This is the highest average price gain for home sellers in any month since the start of the economic recession back in December 2007. The largest gains were in San…Read More→

The Best Middle and High schools in S...

The Best Middle and High schools in San Diego

San Diego City: 1. San Dieguito Union High (District): Carmel Valley Middle school     API976/1000 Torrey Pines High School       API:895/1000 Canyon Crest High School     API: 921/1000 2. Poway Unified (District) Mesa Verde Middle:               API: 944/100 Oak Valley Middle                 API: 922/100 Del Norte High                      API:881/1000 West View High…Read More→

Top San Diego Elementary Schools

Top San Diego Elementary Schools

  San Dieguito Union School Districts: 1. Del Mar Union School District: For residents of Carmel Valley Community ·     Sage Canyon   API: 969 /1000 ·     Ocean Air         API: 973 /1000 ·     Ashley Falls      API: 929 /1000   2. Rancho Santa Fe School District: For residents of Rancho Santa Fe  Community ·     Solana…Read More→

Top 5 Real Estate Trends 2016

Historic wooden houses in alamo square san francisco - not property released

  It seems like just yesterday when the housing market burst, but most of US has seen a full recovery in real estate prices if not more. So what is in store for 2016?  Well, we know that interest rates, and in turn mortgage rates, will remain steady through the year. The Mortgage Bankers Association expects rates to…Read More→

Federal Reserve rate hike’s imp...

IR rising

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Bank hiked the Fed Funds rate by 0.25% from the lowest level in 9 years and expressed that rates will only rise very gradually.  A few large banks reacted to the news by raising the 30 year fixed rate mortgage rate slightly (now approx 4.125%). So, how does this impact the…Read More→